Where Is Wickford?


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Wickford can be found in England. It is located south if Essex. It is home to a population of around 32,500 people. Wickford is around fifty km from London. Wickford is in the district of Basildon. Wickford has existed prior to 975.

Naturism in Britain began in Wickford. The English Gymnophist Society was also born in this place. Wickford was hit by a flood in 1958. Wickford lacks cinemas and theatres and its two nightclubs Plazma and Frasiers both shut down in 2005. The Memorial Park is situated in the north. In 2003 the Wick County Park was thrown open to the public. Two secondary schools Beauchamp's High School and Bromfords School are found in the area. Wickford has been allotted 100 pounds for improvements. The Alternative Rock Nights are also held at Wickford at the Swans. In 2004 Prestige Car makers Audi opened their biggest dealership in the whole of Essex in Wickford.

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