What Are The Sources Of Land Pollution?


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  • The main source of land pollution
The main source of land pollution is when the waste we produce is not disposed of effectively.

  • What is land pollution and what are the sources of land pollution?
Land pollution is any type of harmful pollution that makes its way onto our land or any harmful materials that end up in the environment. It can come from people dropping litter or from sewage being ineffectively disposed of. It can also be industrial wastes that come from power plants, nuclear plants or any kind of industrial company that produces any type of waste product.

Land pollution is the form of plastics and other products that are not biodegradable are increasing. The products are put in landfills along with all our other rubbish but even after hundreds of years they will still be there because they will not degrade like all the other products will.

An increased use of pesticides and herbicides is also increasing the amount of land pollution. At times it is necessary to kill viruses and bacteria which grow on our plants and kill an entire crop. They can kills weeds and anything else that is harmful to the crops but they can also be a source of harmful pollution and we are still unsure of what effect they will have on our health in the future.

  • How can we stop land pollution?
There are many ways that everyone can contribute, even in a very small way, to reducing land pollution. One thing that many people are now doing is stopping using plastic bags and some shops are charging for the use of plastic bags to encourage people to use their own re-useable bags. Cutting down on non-biodegradable plastic will help in the long run to reduce the amount of land pollution. Recycling and walking or cycling whenever possible will also help.
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Some of the main contributors to land pollution are:

Chemical and nuclear plants
Industrial factories
Oil refineries
Human sewage
Oil and antifreeze leaking from cars
Overcrowded landfills
Construction debris
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Land pollution is damaged caused to earth and its natural resources, mainly by humans disposing of different types of harmful waste. Soil pollution is common, often caused by dangerous chemicals getting into the ground. For more information on this and other forms of land pollution please click here.
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land pollution is caused by domestic and nuclear wastes, industrial wastes, deforestation, human sewage, mining and other factories and increased mechanization
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The waste and dangerous things thrown by human beings like plastic reacts with land and causes land pollution which can be dangerous to human beings
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The main reason for pollution are ....one and only we humans....
So it is caused by us......others are our various activities...which you shood search on google..he-he
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Man has been responsible for disturbing the natural environment of the soil in various ways, through his domestic, agricultural, and industrial activities which have directly or indirectly polluted the soil.

Chief soil contaminants

(I) Areas around smelting and mining complexes are usually soiled by metals such as cadmium, zinc, lead, copper, arsenic, and nickel. These contaminants render plants unsafe for human and animal consumption.
(II) The major source of land pollution are the industries viz. pulp and paper mills, oil refineries, power and heating plants, chemical and fertiliser manufacturing units, iron and steel plants, plastic and rubber producing factories.
(III) Modern agriculture, through the non-judicious use of chemical fertilisers, insecticides, herbicides, and fumigants pave way for the heavy pollution for soil.
(IV) Household garbage, consisting of groceries, food scraps, vegetable remains, packing materials, cans, cartons, paper, ash, broken gadgets, wood, metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, and other junk contributes to the solid non-reusable rubbish.

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