What Rivers Flow Through Angola?


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Angola has the rivers flowing through it. They are the Cuando (also spelt as the Kwando), the Cuanza (also spelt as the Coanza, the Kwanza, the Quanza or the Kuanza), the Cunene (also spelt as the Kunene), the Kasai, the Kwango (also spelt as the Cuango), the Luanginga, the Luena (also spelt as the Lwena), the Lungwebungu, the Okavango and the Zambezi rivers.

The Cuando originates in the Angolan highlands and flows southeast forming the boundary of Zambia and Angola. It then enters the Caprivi Strip of Namibia. The Cuanza flows into the Atlantic Ocean south of Luanda. It gives it names to the Cuanza Norte and Cuanza Sul provinces of the country, which respectively lie on the river's north and south banks. It flows down from the Angolan highlands and south to the Namibian border, from where it flows west into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Kasai River is a tributary of the Congo River. The Kwango River forms a border between Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Luanginga River rises in Angola and flows into the Zambezi River in western Zambia, and the Luena also rises in Angola and flows east. It joins the Zambezi in Zambia. The Lungwebengu River is the largest tributary of the Zambezi River.

The Okavango River, located in the southwest of Africa, is the fourth-largest river system in southern Africa. It is known as the Cubango River in Angola. It forms a part of the Angola-Namibia border and then flows into Botswana. It empties into the Moremi Wildlife Reserve. The Zambezi is the fourth-longest river in Africa and the largest one that flows into the Indian Ocean. It is 2, 754 kilometres long, and extends from Zambia to Mozambique, crossing Angola, the border of Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, before flowing into the Indian Ocean.

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