Which Rivers Flow Through Cameroon?


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The Benue River, Logon River, Mayo Kébbi, Nyong River, Sanaga River and Sangha River, all flow through Cameroon. Cameroon occupies an area of 183,568 square miles, of which water accounts for 2,317 square miles.

These rivers are a precious resource. Hydroelectric power stations built on Cameroon's rivers, provide sufficient electricity to meet most of the needs. Cameroon's principal seaport city, Douala, is provided for with an excellent harbor thanks to the Wouri River estuary. Benoué River, in the north, provides a transport link, being seasonally navigable from Garoua into Nigeria.

Cameroon has four patterns of drainage. The Wouri, Sanaga, Nyong, and Ntem, which are the principal rivers in the south, flow south westward or westward directly, emptying into the Gulf of Guinea. The Dja and Kadeï, on the other hand, drain southeastward emptying into the Congo River. The Benoué River, in Northern Cameroon, runs north and west, eventually draining into the Niger, and the Logone River, which flows northward, empties into Lake Chad.

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