When Does Ophelia Drown In The River?


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There is no concrete evidence that can say that at what time Ophelia took her life or even she took her life or was an accident that had snatched the life out of the person. So as I can't give you the date or time, it is better to discuss Ophelia as a person and that will make my answer an interesting one.

Some people say that it was Gertrude, who is the only witness of drowning of Ophelia in the river but when I thought of the aspect that why didn't he help her to save her life, all the logic of his being the witness go haywire and confusion still prevail about Ophelia's death.

As person she was considered as among the most beautiful women on earth and it was this reason that she was also the love interest of Hamlet, the most famous character of Shakespeare's play with the same name.

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