How Do Rainstorms Form?


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Rainstorms  formation process is quite complicated, the general physical
condition of the macro for the main physical conditions produce heavy rainfall
is adequate stream of water vapor, strong and sustained increase in air movement
and atmospheric structure instability. Medium and small scale weather systems
and a variety of surfaces, especially the favorable combination of topography
can produce large rainstorm. China's heavy rain caused large-scale weather
systems are mainly front, cyclone, shear line, vortex, trough, typhoons,
easterly waves and tropical convergence zone and so on. Furthermore, in arid and
semi-arid heat of thundershowers in some areas can also result in short duration
and small area of heavy rainfall. Often in the rain falling from cumulonimbus.
The conditions of the formation of cumulonimbus is the atmosphere to contain
sufficient water vapor, and a strong upward motion, the rapid upward transport
water vapor, cloud water droplets within the rising movement by the growing
influence, when not live until the increase in air care, it dramatically lowered
to the ground. Cumulonimbus is usually very large size, a block of cumulonimbus
precipitation in the storm zone is flat, although the level of each block unit
only 1 to 20 km range, but they are arranged together to form 100 to 200 km wide
in the rain band. Fireballs of cumulonimbus as a seat of high ranges, strong
development, from 0.4 to 1 km above the ground has been extended to heights
above 10 km altitude. More to the high altitude, temperature is lower, often up
to minus ten degrees Celsius or even lower, the upper cloud droplets would
freeze, people on the ground with the naked eye to see the silk thread-like
vaginal discharge Genting, is the height of the ice crystals, snowflakes dancing
result. Rain-soaked ground is the summer, high altitude is the snow swirling in
the winter.

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