Why Is Business Communication So Important For A Company?


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There are a number of reasons why business communication is so important.
To define it simply, business communication is the sending of messages from a source, such as your business, to another area, such as another part of your business or another business entirely.
These messages, whether they be press releases to the media, financial information to the stock market and traders or advertising to the public, are very important in making sure a business is effective and profitable. Most businesses, especially those involved in the sale of goods or services, need to have effective business communication so that people are aware that they exist and what services they provide. If a business does not transmit messages to their customers through whatever medium, press releases, advertising, word of mouth etc, people are not going to be aware of what service they provide, will not contact them when they need that service and the business will get no trade and their competitors will. Internal business communication, messages sent within a company, is very important as it ensures that all parts of the company are working towards the same goals and are aware of developments relating to the company. In order to ensure effective internal and external business communication, there are a few things to be considered. Firstly, the information must be clear and concise. Whilst the information that is being shared may be obvious to you, other departments of your business and the public may not understand your message if it is filled with jargon- so clear, concise language is needed. The language must also be appropriate for the medium. Information transmitted verbally would be different to information transmitted visually, electronically or using pictures or words. Finally, any message must be relevant otherwise it could cause confusion or irritation to customers.
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Describe three (3) key challenges that you have faced in business communication. Explain how you overcame them.
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Business communication refers to kind of communication which is used for the promotion of a product, services or organization. It can also be used for legal issues or to communicate information within the organization. Thus business communication is any communication that takes place between an organization and its customers both external and internal.

Business communication is very important for a company. This is because the customers are more likely to respond in a positive manner if there is good business communication. Which means more profits through sales, more stock price and investments and more retained employees.

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Business communication is important for a company because it is through communication that an organization makes contacts with its customers, suppliers and other elements both internal and external of the organization.

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