What Countries Have Mediterranean Climate?


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The southern European countries including parts of Spain, Southern France and Corsica, Italy and Sicily, the Baltic coast including Croatia and Serbia, Greece, Western Turkey, Cyprus, Crete, Malta, Lebanon, Palestine and Israel, Tunisia, Northern coast of Algeria and Morocco in Europe have a Mediterranean climate. Outside of Europe California, central parts of Chile and some places in the south of Australia also have a Mediterranean climate.

Dry subtropical climate of summer is what Mediterranean climate refers to. It gets its name from the climate found in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, but it no longer refers exclusively to these countries. Any country around the globe that has a climate similar to the countries bordering the Mediterranean or in other words a dry summer subtropical climate are said to have a Mediterranean climate.

Not all part of the countries bordering the Mediterranean exhibit this sort of climate. For instance mountainous regions especially those at very high altitudes will have much cooler temperatures than the rest of the countryside.
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I am pretty sure that Turkey has a mediterranean climate too.  I am doing a project on it.

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