Which Countries Have A Hot Climate In December?


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Typically, countries south of the equator have opposing months to the Northern Hemisphere. For example,this means that when the USA or the UK are having their summers, Australia and South Africa are having winter.

Countries such as South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Southern India, and the continent of South America are hot destinations in December. You should note that some countries alternate between a hot season and a wet season, whilst others are both hot and wet then cold and dry. If you intend on traveling you should research the national and regional climates.

  • What is a climate?
Climate refers to overall weather trends. It's the general consensus of what temperatures tend to do during a year, the levels of rainfall and the sorts of winds that come and go. It is a long term evaluation, whereas weather is a present look at these events.

  • What defines a hot climate?
A hot climate is one that has high temperatures - around 30c or higher - for more than a couple of months and has a higher than average amount of sunshine. Rainfall can often be absent, but in tropical areas this isn't the case.

  • Why would it be hot in December?
The Earth tilts on an axis. During December the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from the Sun, meaning less 'incident rays' hit that part of the planet. In contrast, that means the Southern Hemisphere gets more, hence they get their summer.

  • What if I go during their winter?
A Southern Hemisphere winter generally isn't as cold or as treacherous as the Northern Hemisphere. This is because there aren't any countries in particularly close proximity to the Antarctic. Australia is 2,500km away from the continent, and South Africa is around 3,500km away.

In comparison, a lot of countries such as Norway, Finland, Russia and Iceland are on the edge or inside the Arctic Circle, and countries like Canada, the UK, and the Baltic States (e.g. Latvia, Estonia) are close enough to receive the cold winds that the north produces.

The average temperature for an Australian winter is around 15c, which is quite common for late spring in Western Europe.

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