What Is The Function Of A Petal?


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I think they are there to protect the developing seeds. When they are ready, the petals would open to allow polination by insects. They also double as an attraction to the insects. Pretty neat idea. Two jobs at two different times of the life cycle.
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Petals being a main part of flower attracts the flies and other vectors for cross pollination .....bioflavanoid present in petals give them different colours and thus they are being attracted by the pollination vectors.....this is also happening in the case of plants having digestive enzyme ....they `ll attract their prey with the beautiful colors n get digested with in the flower...
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The function of the petals are too attract the insects too pollination.
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Petals are  used by the flowers as they attract bees for the purpose of cross pollenination. The main function they serve is for attracting pollenators, but other than that they imitate shape and color of the insect who are the pollenators.these shapes and colors  help  in attracting the insects.

The petals in a flower are also used as as they provide guidance to the pollenators as they visit the plant just for their meals , these petals help to put pollens on the head of the pollenators.

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