What Is The Role Of Plasmin In Our Body?


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The enzyme plasmin is known as plasminogen in its inactive form and has to be armed like a weapon. This activation of the plasminogen determines to what extent and how rapidly thrombi are dissolved. Therefore, the dissolution of dangerous thrombi is always dependent on the activation of plasminogen.

Plasminogen can be activated fully to plasmin by means of a plasminogen activator. Plasminogen activators are, and this will no longer surprise you, special enzymes. These enzymes can either be introduced into the circulating blood by infusion, or introducing directly to the site of the blood clots by means of a catheter. Their only task is to react with inactive plasminogen, removing then dissolves the thrombus specifically and everything in order.

Then enzymatic dissolution of blood clots is also known as fibrinolysis. The first fibrinolytic used in conventional medical practice for thrombolysis was obtained from the coccobacterium streptococcus hemolyticus.
This streptococcus hemolyticus is mainly found in the mucosa of the mouth and can cause tonsillitis, scarlet fever or an inflammation of middle ear. Of all things this particular bacterium possesses a coenzyme which is capable of fibrinolysis. This is it is capable of converting the inactive plasminogen present in the blood into active plasmin.

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