Why Can't People Live In Uranus?


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People can't live in Uranus because there's no water there for people to survive there. Uranus's surface is about -357F and it's center is about 9000F so water cannot survive there unless there's really high pressure because the water there would become vapor or a gas. There is no such pressure on Uranus so no water in liquid form would be avaliable for living beings. It's atmosphere is mainly based on hydrogen, methane, and helium and no live could be supported with such atmosphere. Uranus is very cold and windy and its atmosphere is poisonous to people. It's a gas planet so it has no solid ground or land.
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Because it is way to cold It can reach temperatures from 270 degrees Fahrenheit to 370 degrees Fahrenheit. So if anything tried living on Uranus you would die in seconds. 

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They can, it just stinks.

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