How Many People Live In India?


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As of the 2011 census, 1.21 billion people currently live in India, 17.5% of the world's total population. It is second only to China in terms of population, and indeed is projected to be the world's most populous country by around 2025. In 2010 it was calculated that India's population growth rate was 1.41%.

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1.1 billion
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Ok correct answer
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Currently the population of India is 125 crore people. 1/6 of the population of world is living in India.
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It's a mystery, no one can answer this question.
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The number of people living in India is 1,095,352,000 that come to be about 1.1 billion people second only to China (about1.25 billion people) in the world. With regard to the global population, India forms a large chunk with about 16 percent, roughly three times the population of the United States.

The average number of persons per square kilometer is about 300 (800 per sq mile) though the number is significantly large in the cities with Calcutta having a population density of 42,000 people per square kilometer (100,000 persons per sq mile) making it one of the most densely populated spots in the world.

The number of people living in the rural areas is more than two thirds of the total population (about 73 percent) while about 27 percent live in the urban areas; thought the urban population is increasing exponentially, double the national population growth rate, mainly due to the mass migration of people from the villages (about 5, 57,000 in all) to the cities.

While there are 4000 cities and towns in India, among them 300 have a population above 1,000,000 while six cities have populations in the excess of 30,000,000 (3 million people). In fact in the last two decades the population of the country has been growing at the rate of about 15 million people per year. The north eastern states of India situated in the plains in the fertile river valleys are more populous as compared to the Western part. The reasons for the population growth can be said to be better health care facilities and increase in the agricultural output due to improved farming measures.
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I am doing a newspaper column on present day india and has to be the right number of people!
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just about 1,027,015,247 people.
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I believe the total population of India now becomes around 1.25 billion and it's growing rapidly.

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Please can you plz get me a answer of this. How many people live in capital of the country india???
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According to the World Bank and World Development Industries they are 1,139, 964, 932 people living in India.

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