What Are Some Different Words For Pure And Fresh Water?


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pure and fresh water

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The only water you've ever seen is not pure!

Pure water is mostly used in experiments in Medical and Science fields!

Water takes on the characteristics of most things it comes in contact with!

REAL pure water WILL eat up iron pipes from the insides! So glass is most commonly used to move or store it!

Pure water would eat up the common swimming pool!So you Purified or Distilled water!
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The fresh water is usually referred as the unsalted water, there is salt in the fresh water but in very low amount. There are many sources from where fresh water comes from.
There can be different words for the pure water, the pure water means that, a water which is clear from all impurities or and type of unhygienic particles.

The other words for the pure water are, minerals water which is cleaned via different processes, for example Nestle pure water bottles, Aquafena water and there are many more. Pure water is also referred as unpolluted water, clean water, untainted water, uncontaminated water, and unsalted water. There can be many other words for the fresh or pure water. And also in different languages there are different words for the fresh water.

The places from where we get the fresh water are underground water, rivers, and lakes, but from these the underground water is pure for taking, but the lake or river water is not as much pure. The other source of water is rain or snow melted water, but these are not pure, they are cleaned after proper process.

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