Which Reactions Produce High-energy Sugars?


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1. What effect does weather have on the process of photosynthesis?
2. The energy carriers   and   are produced during the
light-dependent recations.
3. High-energy sugars are produced during the   reaction.
4. How does the light-dependent reaction deffer from the Calvin cycle?
5. What is the relationship between pigments and chlorophyll?
6. How is one molecule of ATP formed from one molecule of ADP?
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1. If the temperature is not between 0C and 35C, then the enzymes could get damaged.  This would then either stop or slow photosynthesis.

If the water level is low, then it may also stop/slow.

Lastly, the light intensity increase increases photosynthesis. However, if the intensity rate gets to a certain level it no long affects it.

2. ATP and NADPH

3. Light - Independent Reaction. (Or calvin cyclye)
4. Light - dependent requires light where the Calvin cycle does not. That is the main difference.
5. ?
6. ?

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