What Is The Importance Of Humanities?


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The humanities has at least the following aspects of social functions:First, provide a kind of correct value and significance, thus the system provide a correct orientation.

Second, the masses of humanities education, especially the juvenile, to improve the national culture and cultural character, shaping a civilization, open, democracy and science, progress of national spirit.

Third, our whole nation, especially the science and technology staff and reality the department for international working theory of thinking training, our country technical development and modernization of rich cultural connotations, obtained from the culture the philosophy of history, (the), aesthetic level of the whole nation inspired us wisdom and originality.

Fourth, for countries in economic construction and the modernization of various provide consultation and humanities humanistic policy argumentation, humanities design.Fifth, promote Chinese culture to the world.
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Developping social life,respect from each other etc...
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The segnificance of humanities are:

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