What Are The Scope Of Humanities?


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Humanities is a branch of academic study and research which encompasses a huge number of subjects. In general, the word itself can be used to describe 'the study of human nature and humanity.' Within this branch, you may find the following types of subjects:

  • Literature
This topic looks at literary works that have been written by authors who may have made significant or unique reflections on life and society. Their work may have been influenced by their childhood and things that have played a role in their life.
  • History
This is the study of what happened in the past and examines the implications political and social events have had on human life. It may include looking at what happened during wars and important events.
  • Music
This can be studied in a similar way to literature. It reflects life at the time of writing and can give a social commentary on what was happening at the time it was composed. It can also still have a bearing on life today.
  • Languages
The study of foreign languages is undoubtedly connected with looking at social and cultural aspects of the country too. This may include learning about the cuisines and literature of the country.
  • Anthropology
This subject is the study of mankind, in particular the culture in different societies and backgrounds.

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