How Do Humanities And Art Contribute To The Development Of One's Personality ,community,and Society?


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Art provides inspiration. Art isn't the only supply of inspiration in the world, but it does inspire people to wonder and to dream. Art can be defined, but it seems to be more of a qualitative attribute like the words beauty or ugliness. And the reason is art is a quality determined by an individual's own perspective. When someone appreciates a work of art they have acknowledged the value of a particular work. They have received a work of art as something beneficial to either their mind and/or their own pleasure. Art is what makes us human. It is one of the things which define us as a group of living creatures.The Humanities and art help us understand the human condition; they help us understand the human story. Without history, anthropology, English(or language), and the other disciplines, how will humanity move forward? How can we improve the human condition if we don't examine it? The arts, the humanities help us see what's beneath the surface. They give us a deeper meaning to a world that is superficial at times. The humanities can be more concretely defined. Without history there is no story. How can you move forward if you don't know where you've been? Anthropology falls under history. Also there are performing arts, cultural studies, linguistics etc. These subjects lend to our understanding of truth. Our truth.
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Humanities And Art can effect human's The world, life and values to guide people's lives.

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