What Is The Relationship Between Biology And Technology?


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The main relationship between biology and technology involves how biology is reliant on technology, in terms of using devices and the invention of new equipment that can be used in biological research. As technology develops, more advanced instruments can be developed. These instruments can be used by biologists, who will be able to observe and experiment using the equipment and make new discoveries. Therefore as technology advances, so does biology.

  • Biology
Biology is one of the three main branches of science. It involves the mechanisms of living organisms: Humans, animal, microorganisms and plants. Biology looks at how an organism lives and survives through respiration, reproduction and the consumption of nutrients. It is of utmost importance in the field of medicine, where more about the human body must be learned to combat new diseases as well as those currently without a cure. For instance, the advancement of techniques in biology could help us work towards a cure for cancer in the future. However, this advancement is at the moment a long way off.

Biology is also a compulsory subject to be studied in the earlier years of high school. Those who wish to pursue a career in medicine must take the subject through until senior year. Getting young people interested in the science is important for the existence of the next generation of biologists.

  • Technology
Technology plays an essential part in many areas of study, as well as in the development of communication and entertainment devices such as the mobile phone, the television and the laptop. The majority of us living in the developed world take advantage of technology on a daily basis without even realizing. Advancements in technology often lead to progression in other fields that utilize technological devices - not only biology, but physics, chemistry and computer science.
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Biology is only a branch of technology! I mean technology has a broader concept than biology. Technology includes a wide range of areas, such as biology, chemistry, and so on.

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