In Which Ways Is Biology, Technology, And Society Connected?


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  • How are biology, technology and society connected?
  • Biologically
Biology and technology are connected in many ways and virtually everything will eventually affect society in some way or another. The technological advances of biology are currently having a massive effect on society due to the length of people's lives increasing. It is now common for people to live well into their 80's and 90's which is mainly due to new medications and treatments that can prevent and cure disease and infection. Most of the elderly will have a concoction of medications it is necessary for them to take on a daily basis in order for them to live happy and fulfilling lives. 50 years ago this would not have been available and they would have died much younger.

  • Technology and biology
The Technological advancement towards a cure for cancer seems to be getting closer every day. More and more people are now surviving cancer which was previously such a massive killer in people of all ages. Immunization is now available for every single person in developed countries so diseases are less common. Sanitation is now much better so illnesses that were previously caused by ill health, dirt and germs are now much lower because we are not exposed to such things on a daily basis.

This is all fantastic news as it living longer is something that virtually everyone wants.

  • Advancements and society
We want to get the most out of our lives and live a long and fulfilling life. But many countries are now struggling to cope with the increase in elderly people who need help and support from the government in order to survive. Many elderly people need people to care for them or do not have enough money to live and no way of working to provide themselves with an income. Pension plans, hospital care and home nursing care must be provided for the people who cannot afford it themselves and this is a massive drain on the economy and has a knock on effect to society and effects us all.

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