What Is The Difference Between Science And Technology?


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Science and technology are fields that appear to be very similar in a number of respects. That said, there are very strong differences between both fields too.

The main differences will be highlighted by looking at the following definitions and explanations regarding the type of work carried out in both fields:

  • The main basis of science is carrying out research and experiments to test and study factors that make up the basic concepts of life, the earth and the environment. Common areas of science may include chemistry, physics, biology and genetics. 
  • Science uses a systematic knowledge base that has been developed through carrying out repeat observations and experiments. In this way, within the scientific world, everything is based on fact and logical thinking.
  • Scientists are concerned about finding answers to unknown questions, looking at different theories and carrying out extensive research.

  • Technology is a process that allows us to develop machines or other items by using knowledge that has come from our understanding of science. 
  • By using knowledge gained from carrying out scientific processes and experiments those developing a new technological process can put this knowledge into practice by developing a process that makes some aspect of life easier or more convenient for example.
  • Technology is usually described as being 'applied science' as it uses scientific studies and facts to apply them to practical situations. It uses tools such as machinery along with the scientific knowledge, hence being referred to as 'applied science'.
  • Those working in technology are usually more concerned about developing, producing and inventing. 

In short, science is independent of technology and mainly consists of conclusions derived from observation, while technology is (mostly) derived from our understanding and application of specific sciences.
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Both of these are related terms and are both for the advancement of the human being facilities and the world.In a broad sense Science is actually a way to get more and more knowledge via using scientific methods and the research. There are also some other fields of the science that are came in the circle of applied sciences.

There are mainly two fields of science that is social science and the natural science. The natural science deals with the natural aspects of the life and research on the biological or other natural facts. While the social science is the about the general behavior of human and research on their thinking. This type of science is called empirical science because it deals with the observing thinking.

On the other hand technology is also a related with the science. In the technology there is research about all the materialistic objects, like machines and other hardware. The technology is the thing which gives facilities to the human beings. It is because of technology that we are able to travel on highly sophisticated vehicles. And also the organizations flourish because of technology. The internet, telephone, weapons and all other related things came in technology.
By the combination of technology and science we are able to see the moon, and able to solve complicated medical problems.
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Science is the quest for greater knowledge and understanding.
Technology is a branch of science for it is use of greater knowledge to make our lives easier.
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Science is the pursuit of knowledge of the natural world. Technology is simply tool making. In the past

technology relied on memorized recipes passed from master to apprentice. No scientific method was used.

Science, itself, was largely a mental exercise, relying little on empirical data found thru experiment, in the

not too distant past. The marriage only came recently, when the fruits of science, by the likes of Newton, have

been found useful by the technologist, in expanding their craft.
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Science is a compilation of facts and research while technology is the result of right combination of facts and it also helps us to make our daily activity easy to do...
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Technology is the sum of the ways in which society provide themselves with the material objects for civilization and then science is the physical evidence of the technology.
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Science stems from the Latin 'scire' to know and the quest of science to to increase knowledge of natural and man-made phenomena. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to solve problems. For example, the first transistor was created large and crude in a laboratory. Later it was miniaturized and refined by technologists for use in a transistor radio receiver because it could perform the same functions as previously existing vacuum tubes while consuming less power.
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Science is the precess by which humans go about understating the world .what is the nature of energy , space and matter are some of the issue , Engineering is the use of this knowledge in the creation of plans to reach a destination .technology is the tools of processes to carry out of plans .
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The two are related and are very intertwined in our modern world, but they are also distinct in terms of their goals. The goal of science is to understand the natural world, hence the highest aim is to create theories (a theory explains). The goal of technology is to solve problems, hence the aim is to create solutions.

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Science is knowledge which we get by studying different subjects. We learn about science by experiments and invent new things.

Technology comes from the Greek word technologia and it is all we get by acquiring knowledge from science.
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Basically science is a type of gun and technology is a disease which causes the growth of feaces in the udarus. Its unnatural and very uncomfortable, as this problem can also afect the growth of your toenails.
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I believe that Science is more the chemical side of things and Technology is all the electronics and the computers and the telephones, etc.
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The best answer I can give is that Science is the pursuit of truth and natural laws. Technology is the application of those laws. What about the difference between Invention and Innovation?
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Science is basically trying to figure out the world around us. Making observation and trying to figure out the reason why thing happen.

Technology is using things around us to make life more comfortable

well, the two are now traditional days science prevailed
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The term science refers to systematic knowledge or practice. It is basically the application of scientific methods and research for acquiring knowledge whereas Technology refers to application of science and engineering for human benefit. Technology is used for creating machines, hardwares, tools, utensils and even systems, methods of organizing and specific techniques for a variety of purposes.
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(~This answer is my own opinion and belief about the difference of science and technology~)
~Science is the study of the physical and the natural world and phenomena, especially by using systematic observation and experiment while technology is the study, development, and the application of devices, machines and techniques for manufacturing and productive processes.~

(~Refer also to you book for further explanations. Don't rely to much on this answer~)

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