What Are The Three Main Branches Of Science?


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The three main branches of science include the following:

  • Earth and Space Science
This area of science studies the Earth including its relation to other planets and bodies in the solar system and covers topics such as its weather, terrain and atmosphere. Within this branch, you may find the following areas of science: Geology, meteorology and astronomy. 

  • Physical Science
This branch of science typically deals with matter and energy. It allows us to measure objects and matter in terms of its weight, volume and mass. Within this spectrum you could find the following areas of science: Chemistry, physics, kinetics, electromagnetics, etc. 

  • Life Science
This describes the study of life on Earth, looking at the internal processes of living organisms on Earth and looking at how plants and animals interact with each other within a certain environment. Areas of science included under this branch may include: Biology, zoology and botany.

Scientists are quick to point out though that many aspects of the three main branches of science may overlap with each other so there is no real way to totally separate each other. For instance, according to the website the following areas of science can overlap to form another type of science:

  • Physics and chemistry = physical chemistry
  • Biology, astronomy and physics = astronautics
  • Geology and chemistry = geochemistry. 
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The three basic branches of science are as follows;

-The Physical Sciences ( Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy)
-The Earth Sciences ( Geology, Oceanograph, Paleontology, Meteorology)
-The Life Sciences (Biology) (Botany, Zoology, Genetics, Medicine)
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Life Science, Physical Science and Earth Science
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THe 3 basic branches of science are biology, chemistry and physics. Biology is the study of living things - animals and plants - while chemistry is to do with the study of matter, especially the components or elements of matter. Physics is also concerned with the study of matter, but more with its motion through space and time. If you click here and scroll down, you will find an overview of each of the branches.
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Natural Sciences, Social Sciences,Applied Sciences
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There are 4 branches of science:
1st physical science that deals w/ natural phenomenom
2st historical science are sequencial changes on earth
3rd applied science:EX. Weather forecasting etc.

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