What Is The Nature Scope Of Chemistry?


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The nature and scope of chemistry can be simply explained as the study and science of matter and analyzing the changes that it undergoes. This may involve looking at chemical reactions and how one element combines with another to produce different chemical compounds for example.
So what else is involved in the science of chemistry?

• In chemistry, scientists study how different elements may respond and react to heat, cold and to other chemical elements including solids and gases.

• A large part of chemistry involves stripping compounds or mixtures down to their basics, looking at molecules and crystals for example. It can often be described as being a 'physical science.'

• As chemistry is such as vast subject and covers almost all aspects of life, it can be studied under various scientific branches. These may include; biochemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry.

• Along with physics and biology, chemistry is often considered to be one of the most important sciences. This is because chemical reactions that take place in the human body or in the soil where plants grow can be explained using the study of chemistry. In the same way, when studying the solar system and life, scientists may check for presence of life on other planets by analyzing chemical compounds or other substances found.

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