What Are The Scope And Nature Of Chemistry?


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Chemistry is the study of the following:

• The different substances which combine to produce earthly matter

• The properties of these substances

• The changes through which these substances undergo in different environments

• How these substances combine and react with one another

• The reactions of chemical compounds

The exact definition of chemistry is often argued as its boundaries can be somewhat blurred due to its very close connection with all other sciences; however the above factors are a good starting point. Physics and chemistry are probably the most closely connected of all of the sciences and are very often confused or even interlinked.

Although physics concentrates quite closely on the same substances as chemistry, it takes a much more general approach to the study of such substances. Instead physics focuses on the natural environment and how things in our universe work and generally behave.

The scope of chemistry as a science is massive; it has already been used to discover the answers and solutions to hundreds of day to day activities and problems. So what kind of everyday things have been helped by chemistry? Well here are a few examples of the many hundreds of thousands possible answers to this question:

• The use of a yeast solution to make bread rise

• The use of chemical detergents to clean your home

• The use of fuel to provide power for our vehicles

• The use of different types of pesticides etc. To be used for different types of pests

Chemistry is one of the most useful sciences and has benefited the lives of everyone in the developed world massively.

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