How Does The Rise Of Human Interest In The Nature And Structure Of The Physical Body Relate To The Eventual Rise Of Psychology As A Formal Discipline?


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Psychology is a subject that actually dates right back to the Ancient Greeks and there has also been evidence found that it was studied in Ancient Egypt. It is not exactly clear when modern psychology began to make an appearance, however there could be a very simple explanation why the study of psychology has increased in popularity over the years.

  • Why psychology has become more popular.
As we have become more knowledgeable about our bodies and how they work, we have also come to understand the big role that our minds play as well. The human brain is our body's most powerful organ and it controls pretty much everything that we do. We don't know the full power of what our brains can do. However, do not be fooled by the 10 per cent rumor that has circulated.

Because we know more about the ways that our minds and bodies are interlinked, the study of the human mind has expanded and grown into the subject of psychology that is so widely studied.

  • What does psychology look at.
There are a variety of different topics that are covered by the subject of psychology. There are also many topics studied in psychology that can be interlinked to others, for example, sports psychology is the study of the mind when a person is playing sports. This field looks at motivation and how psychological factors can affect a person's performance in any sport.

Psychology also covers topics such as eating behavior e.g. Anorexia, bulimia, anger, sleep and biological rhythms, memory and psychology abnormalities.

  • Difference to psychiatry.
If you wish to pursue a career in psychiatry, then steer away from the subject of psychology when it comes to attending college. If you wish to become a psychiatrist then you will firstly have to study for a medical degree and then specialize towards the end of your study.

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