What Is Nature And Scope Of Clinical Psychology?


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Clinical psychology is the attempt of a perfect convergence of the scientific schools of thought of theory, pure science, and clinical trials to better understand and prevent as well as relieve psychological based dysfunction and to help better promote general well-being and progress in all aspects of life. The nature and scope of clinical psychology includes research, teaching, forensic testimony in criminal and civil courts, program development, and consultation. 

The field is generally considered to have begun in 1896 at the University of Pennsylvania. Lightner Witmer is considered the father of clinical psychology as he was the first to open a psychological clinic at the Ivy League university. Witmer focused on assessment and payed little attention to actual treatment of the maladies he diagnosed.

During and after World War II when the demand for trained clinical clinicians soared, the focus changed to treatment. In the time since then, two educational models have evolved, a PhD scientific practitioner who focuses for the most part on research, and a PsyD practitioner scholar model that actually practices with patients as a normal physician would.

Since 1970, the field of clinical psychology has quickly evolved into a more respected and robust field of study and research. It is now common practice for sports superstars, movie moguls, singers, and entertainers to have a clinical psychologist on their agenda to help them achieve their very best performance levels and to do it on a consistent basis. Most public and private schools in the United States and many other countries now have a clinical psychologist on their payroll to assist children of all ages.

In this fast-moving age one can expect both the educational and practice fields of clinical psychology to continue to grow as it has become such as accepted field when in the past it was rather taboo.
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Basically psychology effects every aspect of human activity.  Psychology spans from abnormal psychology and helping people that otherwise would not be able to function by themselves or who would hurt others.  To looking at group dynamics which enter into business transactions and family relations.  Psychology even gets involved in sports psychology and people maximizing their performance.  Here is a recent article I wrote on golf hypnosis and how much people's mental state affects how well they do.

So... Guess I'm not sure there are any limits to the scope of psychology.

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