Which Type Of Reaction Is Represented Here? Na2CO3 + Ca(OH)2 → 2NaOH + CaCO3


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The chemical reaction Na2CO3 + Ca(OH)2, UiNaOH + CaCO3 is a metathesis reaction. A metathesis reaction is a molecular process that involves an exchange of bonds between two or more reacting chemicals which results in the creation of new products that have similar or nearly identical bonding processes. A good understanding of chemicals and reactions is key to passing and understanding a high school or college chemistry class.

There are many types of chemical reactions. A neutralization reaction is one of a specific type of double displacement reaction that occurs when an acid reacts with an equal amount of a base chemical. The reaction occurs when a solution of salt and water are mixed. There are other metathesis reactions that can occur between two inorganic salts that is the result when one of the salts is insoluble in water, making the reaction move forward. This type of reaction is called precipitation.

With an aqueous metathesis reaction which is also known as a double decomposition, the reactants need not be dissolved for the reactions to take place. One example of this type of reaction is barium thiocyanate which occurs when a mixture of copper thiocyanate and barium hydroxide are mixed in water.

Another subcategory of aqueous metathesis reactions involves acids and carbonates. A reaction involving these elements will yield a carbonic acid as the product, which will decompose into a mix of carbon dioxide and water. The release of carbon dioxide gas from the mixture is the driving force behind the reaction. Once common science fair exhibit is the volcano reaction that occurs when a reaction occurs between the elements of acetic acid mixed with sodium bicarbonate. The reaction always gets plenty of reaction from a crowd of all ages, especially children, and it is always quite a sight to see.

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