What Is The Reaction Between NaCl And Na2CO3?


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As we are not a scientific authority we are unable to give you the exact reaction, therefore you will need to research the topic in depth. If you search on a good search engine then you may find the answer.

We do recommend, however, that if this is a question that has been asked of you from your tutor or lecturer for your homework or coursework, then perhaps it would be better for you to do your own research, as in the long run it will help you to understand better and you will benefit from this when your exam period starts.

However, below are a few helpful points on NaCl and Na2CO3 just to help you get started:

Na is Sodium and Cl is chlorine, which makes sodium chloride - more recognizable as salt.

In Na2CO3, the Na is sodium and CO3 is carbonate, thus forming sodium carbonate, which is a white powdery compound - known to us better as washing powder. This is a sodium salt of carbonic acid. This compound is also used in the manufacture of baking powder, glass ceramics, detergents and soap.

NaCl and NaCO3 are both solids that can be dissolved in water, meaning they're aqueous.

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