Explain The Safety Precautions To Be Observed In A Chemistry Laboratory?


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Safety and security are essential in a chemistry laboratory for a number of reasons related to people and materials. In any type of working environment the security of individuals has to be paramount; by carefully following safety regulations the chances of an accident are minimized. This allows the experiments and exercises to be carried out in the right circumstances to obtain the most accurate results.

Ensuring that everyone in the lab is properly dressed, that they are aware of the substances involved and the dangers present provides the right sort of professional area to work in. Safety coats, hats and goggles are necessary for many exercises, gloves are also often used. Appropriate dress helps to ensure that the materials used aren't contaminated, whilst also minimizing the risks involved if contact is made with any of the substances.

Keeping all materials and instruments in the correct containers and at the right temperatures is also important. This ensures that they give accurate results under test conditions and also prevents the risk of them being damaged which could cause be hazardous in laboratory conditions. Working with chemicals is different to most other types of classroom where students are dealing with books or computers to study their subjects.

Chemistry labs are very practical; seeing tests carried out and noting results is the most effective way to learn and reinforces theory much better than simply through reading. Observing certain standards at any level of lab work gets a student to consider safety at every level of their professional life - safety doesn't just kick in at a certain level of work.

Treating a lab with respect and applying professional standards of care and responsibility ensures that all work is carried out under safe conditions; minimizing the chances of accidents or freak results being obtained.

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