What are the objectives of Psychology?


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Psychology is a social science, which focuses on understanding the human mind, and the way in which it interprets and interacts with the world. The subject has four main goals:

  • To describe
  • To explain
  • To predict
  • To change behaviour
To Describe

Description is the process of analysing behaviour, in an attempt to understand what is considered healthy and productive, and which behavioural traits are less desirable.
To Explain

Psychology is not considered a fundamental science like physics or chemistry. However, the emerging trends in psychology over the past 100 years have seen an increasing emphasis on the use of objective measurements of mental health.

Cognitive psychology is a great example by which to illustrate this ideological shift. This sub-discipline of psychology uses techniques such as measuring electrical brain activity, and mapping these patterns to a patient's mental states.

Through this approach, psychologists are beginning to establish a base of objective evidence to explain the thoughts and feelings of individuals. By learning to recognise healthy and unhealthy patterns, psychologists should be able to spot problems in patients earlier, and to provide more effective treatments.

To Predict

Once psychologists have reached an understanding of certain behaviours, they can use this information to predict a person's behaviour, based upon how they've responded to certain events in the past.

This is useful in organisational settings where an employer might want to choose workers who are a good fit for the company culture, or to make sure that they can cope under stressful circumstances.

To Change Behaviour
This is the area in which psychologists must be very careful to operate within stringent ethical constraints. With a willing participant, a psychologist can help an individual to overcome crippling fears, or destructive behavioural patterns, such as aggression or compulsive lying.

Psychological techniques can be employed within organisations to encourage desirable behaviours: Encouraging students to study harder, or encouraging staff members to build better relationships with each other, for example.
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For me, psychology has three underlying objectives:

  • To understand
  • To predict
  • To control
Understanding is the first objective of psychology, and this refers to how we are going to formulate an idea or understand the problem given to us, and how we attempt to fix it.

Prediction means studying psychological aims for prediction, because it is true to say that prevention is better than cure. The person who has a psychiatric problem must do his best to observe when "something is going wrong with him."

Control means that, if we are already capable of understanding and predicting what's going on in certain circumstances, then we may be able to control the situation. For example: We might be able to give a positive response to a problem and avoid more serious consequences.
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The objectives of psychology is to learn to relax and lead a healthy life.
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Also to do with The Human Mind best known as our Brain.

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The main goal of psychological science, which determines its essence, is the cognition of the mental in all its manifestations in our life: From elementary mental acts (sensations) to the personality and her behavior. The object of research in psychology is a person as a carrier of the psyche. By the way, now you have the opportunity to try online therapy session . Such psychological assistance has a number of real advantages. Among them is the fact that the client feels safe.

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