What Is The Importance Of Statistics In The Field Of Chemistry?


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Statistics is too much important for Chemistry. It is speceially useful in Chemistry research work. We widely use statistics terms i.e Mean Mode Median etc in making thesis. Without Statistics research work can not be done goodly. Also ststistic tables are helpful in research work when we need to show our results in a tabular form. Statistics lowers the work load and make our results more accurate. Muhammad Ali M.Sc Chemistry GC University Faisalabad
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all important facts of chemistry in statics

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We scientist use statistics to not only analyze data to see if it is statically within certain tolerable error limits, to know how good your data is. To know how your technique is, if experimental error is ruled out , then one can determine the contribution of human error to an experiment. Reproducible data is at the heart of statistics as well, the more reproducible your measurements the lower your error, according to statistics.

One can learn the power of statistic's so that he/she may design experiments around the expected statistics/error. You can approach a multi variable statistical analysis in many dimensions; this is called ANOVA, ANaysis Of VAriance between groups.

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