What Are The Importance Of Chemistry In Different Fields?


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Chemistry plays an important part in many aspects of everyday life.

Some examples of the importance of chemistry in different fields are as follows:

  • Health
Chemistry helps the health industry greatly by coming up with new medications and also cures for many diseases and viruses. Without chemistry there would be little progress in how patients are treated for certain illnesses. Also the medication would be limited and the outcomes could not be tested first.

  • Industry
Chemistry also has a beneficial factor to many industries. It is down to chemistry that we have materials such as polythene and nylon. These materials are heavily used in the clothing and manufacturing industries. Also many carpets and even kitchen and bathroom tiles have their origins in chemistry.

  • Drug Tests
Drug tests are common place now, with police and employers using them every day to confirm whether or not a person has consumed drugs. This of course would not be possible without chemistry. This enables the information to be analyzed and a definitive result to be produced.

  • Environmental Issues
Chemistry is also used to measure the effects of pollution and also to try and find some viable solutions. Without chemistry it would be difficult to know exactly what harm certain emmissions are doing and how fast the effects will come.

As you can see chemistry is around us everyday and used in a lot of things we take for granted or wouldn't automatically associate with chemists.

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