What Is The Use Of A Laboratory Spatula?


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To scoop small quantities of elements or compounds so that you can put them into somethings like the test-tubes
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...# Laboratory spatulas are tools that resemble small paddles, teaspoons or shovels. These spatulas are typically made out of stainless steel, rubber or plastic. Many laboratory spatulas are disposable, while others are reusable. Laboratory spatulas are available from lab or pharmaceutical companies, medical or dental supply companies, craft and hobby stores, and cosmetic supply companies.
Laboratory or Pharmaceutical Work
# Laboratory spatulas are ideal for removing chemicals or compounds from small bottles, and for applying cultures or other substances to slides for microscope viewing. You can also use them to scrape away samples of biological materials, or chemical precipitates and residues. Many brands are resistant to acids, bases and solvents, which makes them safe for use in a broader spectrum of compounds.

Pharmacists often use laboratory spatulas to mix creams and ointments, or count pills.
Dental Offices and Labs
# Dental offices and laboratories use small laboratory spatulas to spread or smooth molds, waxes and cements. When orthodontists and dentists make wax or plaster molds of teeth, they often use spatulas to carve and manipulate the material. They also use spatulas to create and adjust mouthpieces, mouth guards and other dental fittings.
Cosmetic Industry
# Workers in the cosmetic industry use laboratory spatulas to mix cosmetic ingredients, empty bottles of their contents, apply heavy makeup, and add scents to lotions and creams. Laboratory spatulas are also an ideal tool for mixing the adhesives used in cosmetics applications, preparing waxes, and creating hair colorings or other hair treatments.
Hobbies and Crafts
# You can use laboratory spatulas to stir mixtures or wax when making candles or soaps, and to apply adhesives to models or wood crafts. Wax and plaster carvers use spatulas to make miniature models or sculptures, while clay sculptors use them to add fine detail to polymer, modeling or other clays. Additionally, some painters use spatulas to mix paint colors, or even to apply paint to canvases.
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It's very good for spreading pastes/ointments thinly
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Laboratory spatulas are best used for scooping out small quantities from a reagent bottle to the other laboratory apparatus (ex. Beaker).

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