Can You Give Examples Of 7'c Of Effective Communication?


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The first C is context, it means saying the right thing at the right time and the relevant things only. For example if I am talking about a company’s financial performance but instead you ask a question about the location of their offices then it will be completely out of context. Then there is content, which means that what you say should be relevant to the main theme, all the things lead to one common objective. If a speaker is not able to answer a relevant question then it means that his content is not complete to cover the topic. The third thing is conciseness, very often students drift off in a long lecture. Then the composition or how the process is designed is also important as it is difficult to understand people who keep shifting from one point to another and the communication becomes ranting. A very good way to make the communication effective and make people understand is by using contrasting examples. This is often applied in advertisements where the ads show what you will lose if you don’t have the product. Then there is consistency which is very important for written communication because if there is a theme like a certain font or color, then it has a good effect on the reader.
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It can also be done in the form of Power Point Presentation to make it more effective,which can be understood more easily to the audience.

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