Give A Example Of Interpersonal Communication?


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An interpersonal communication would be when two or more people having a conversation and are perceiving each others feelings, moods, etc. In the conversation each participant would show concern about the other person.
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1.  Interpersonal Interaction - between two people
2.  Health Communication - between health professionals and patients or the public
3.  Business and Organizational Communication - between workers in an organizational environment
4.  Social and Personal Relationships - within friendships and close,  loving relationships
5.  Intercultural Communication - between different nationalities, genders, or religions
6.  Family Communication - with the nuclear or extended family
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There has always been quite a bit of discussion on the definition of interpersonal communication, and how interpersonal communication skills differ from other techniques we use when communicating.

Most people view interpersonal communication as communicative acts that occur between a only a few individuals, as opposed to group interaction that occurs between larger numbers of people.

As with many other examples of communication, interpersonal communication skills include both verbal and non-verbal communication types. And because receiving the message is as important as sending it, active listening skills are a major component of effective communication skills in general, as well as a component of interpersonal interaction.
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It means communications with another person but not a group

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