What Are The Seven C`s Of Communication? Kinds Of Written Messages? Barriers In Communication?


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Communication plays a vital role in everyday affairs, whether it be our personal life or our workplace, the importance of effective communication cannot be over looked.
Communication can take place in several forms. It can be through the spoken word. It can be through writing. It can even take place through written symbols. Even physical gestures play an important role in communication. The tone and pitch of your voice makes a difference too. Similarly a written note always has a tone and mood to it too. Therefore, one has to be careful during communication. During verbal communication, one must keep eye contact with the audience and speak in a clear and good tone.
In order to be able to communicate effectively one must consider the basic principles of communication which are incorporated in the Seven Cs. The seven Cs of communication are as follows:

1. Credibility: The sender must be credible.
2. Context: The context of the message should reflect the realities of the organization.
3. Content: The content must be meaningful to the receiver and be compatible with his or her values system.
4. Clarity: The message must be clear; put in simple terms.
5. Continuity and Consistency: There must be continuity and consistency in the message.
6. Channels: The channels of communication should be those the receiver uses and respects.
7. Capability: The capability of the audience should be considered. The most effective communications require the least amount of the recipient's effort.
I hope this answer helps you. This is only for the first part of your question. I will answer the rest of your question in a while.
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Plz show me atleast some examples, so that i can understand more easily.
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Written communication plays a vital role in today's organizations. Written notes can take any of the following forms:

Formal letters: Business letters are one of the most common forms of written communication. They are elaborate and there are several formats for writing a business letter.

Informal letters: Informal letters are usually used in personal relationships rather than in business.

Emails: Emails are getting more and more common and the written letter is getting outdated. Emails are faster and less expensive.

Memos: Memos are short formal notes that are usually used for communication within an organization

Notes: Notes can be both formal and informal. An example of a formal note is a memo

Now coming to the barriers in communication. Communication these days is sensitive as it has always been and barriers can arise. Barriers in communication are called Noise. Following are some of the barriers that can arise

1. When the communicator is unwilling to say things differently or to learn new approaches.
2. When the communicator is biased or lacks self confidence
3. Selective perception on part of the receiver
4. Unwillingness to receive information, or set belief systems
5. Environmental factors such as inappropriate venue, noise, disturbances from other people or sounds etc.
6. Unsuitable time for communication

I hope it helps. If you need any further clarification feel free to post another question!
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1) Completeness

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As you strives for completeness keep the guide line in mind

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