How Do Batteries Benefit And Contribute Towards Human Development?


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Batteries allow products and machines to function independently of a power outlet; in this sense, they are small generators that contain a finite amount of "juice". For many people, batteries are liberating inventions that allow them to enjoy radios and all manner of electric inventions wherever they happen to be. From the remote rain forests to a mountaintop in the Arctic, batteries permit owners to access power in almost any circumstances. Batteries have always contributed to human development, because they allow human beings to take their machines into areas that were previously out of reach. Batteries also benefit mankind, because they provide backup and extra security to systems.

  • Freedom to roam

Freedom is clearly the main benefit of batteries - for example, workers are free to take machines out of the office and into the field, which streamlines business processes and increases profitability. A real-life example of batteries in action would be in the parking business, where ticket staff carries handheld ticketing machines that record information and print out tickets - without batteries and battery charging kits, it would be very time-consuming to handwrite personal tickets for each illegally parked vehicle; therefore, batteries allow for a much higher rate of productivity during the workday. As long as handheld devices are charged properly, ticketing staff can continue to roam and issue tickets for hours on end.

  • The battery industry

Aside from the obvious benefits batteries provide to human development, batteries also fuel an entire, multimillion dollar battery industry. For example, big companies, such as Duracell, employ thousands of employees, and these companies distribute their batteries on an international scale. Many jobs have been created and sustained since the invention of batteries.

Today's digital inventions have changed the way batteries are used, but it's safe to say there will always be gadgets and machines that require batteries.

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