Where Is Pomeroy - Northern Ireland?


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County Tyrone harbours this small village, Pomeroy. County Tyrone is in Northern Ireland. It is placed on the road connecting the Cookstown and Omagh. Northern Ireland belongs to United Kingdom. It is about 5459 sq miles from the Island of Ireland. According to the 2001 census, the population of Pomeroy is 604 people.

It is the highest village in the county of Tyrone. The village is spotted with churches. The road from Cookstown side rises up into an incline and forms a peak at the diamond place. The Diamond is famous as a drinking area. Pomeroy was in Guinness Book of World Records as the village of Britain holding the highest number of bars per one thousand people.

Pomeroy is skirted by mountains ranges like the Mountains of Pomeroy and the Sperrins.
Land area of Pomeroy characterizes a combination of moorland and bogland. Cairns of Stone Age and Bronze Age are spotted around Pomeroy.

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