Where Is Happisburgh?


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Happisburgh is a village and civil parish in England. It is located in the county of Norfolk. The village and civil parish of Happisburgh is situated off the B1159 road, which covers the towns on the coastal belt between Ingham and Bacton. The civil parish of Happisburgh covers a total area of about 10.78 square kilometres.

According to the census figures of population in 2001, Happisburgh had a total population of 1, 372 inhabitants. There are a total of about 607 households in the village of Happisburgh. It is considered to be a part of the district of North Norfolk for the purposes of local government. The tower of St. Mary's Church and the lighthouse, which has white and red stripes on it, are important landmarks that serve as a warning signal to sailors about the position of the dangerous sandbanks in the area. St Mary's Church is a fifteenth-century church. The lighthouse is located at a distance of about half-a-mile to the south of Happisburgh.

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