How Many Chemical Compounds Are Poisonous Like Potassium Cynide And Can You Give Me List Of The Compounds ?


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Well there are quite a few poisonous compounds available like, Arsenic, Hemlock, Sarin, etc. A chemical compound basically is a chemical matter comprising of more than two diverse chemically linked chemical elements, having a set ratio which states their composition. The permanent ratio of every element is normally articulated via a chemical formula. The atoms inside a compound can be preserved mutually via a range of connections, varying from covalent bonds to electrostatic forces in ionic bonds.

Chemists usually explain compounds applying formulas in special formats. Compounds normally have a number of potential phases. Generally all compounds can exist in solid state, at least at low temperatures. All defined chemical compounds are said to have exclusive CAS numbers.

There are many online web-sites available like , , etc which list as well as give information on different types of poisonous chemical compounds available.

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