Where Is Mt. Citlaltepetl?


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Mount Citlaltépetl or Pico de Orizaba, is located on the border towards the eastern edge of the Eje Volcánico Transversal range of mountains. It is between the states of Puebla and Veracruz. Mount Citlaltépetl is known as the tallest mountain found in Mexico and it is also the third highest mountain in North America.

Although it is presently dormant it is not extinct. The mount's last eruptions occurred in the year 1687. In Mexico, the peak is one of just three volcanoes that have permanent snow and glaciers. Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl are the others two volcanoes.

It gets its name from the city of Orizaba as it overlooks the city and the valley. Nahuatl speakers from the Orizaba area call it Istaktepetl, meaning 'White Mountain', instead of Citlaltépetl. The Pico de Orizaba has a rank of 7 in topographical prominence in the world.

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