Where Is Mt. St Helens Located?


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Mount St Helens is located in  Washington state in America on Cascade Range!
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Mount Saint Helens is one of the popular volcanic peaks of the Cascade Range, which is the mountain range in south west Washington. The height of this peak is 2549 meters, which is equivalent to a good 8363 feet!

Mount Saint Helens was dormant since the year 1857. However, the eruption that occurred in May 1980 was so intense that it has been one of the greatest volcanic explosions to have taken place and recorded in the whole of North America. Before this event, tremors of varying intensities were felt, beginning in March 1980. The main and most disastrous eruption produced a smoke plume which was visible over almost the entire region of western Washington and Oregon. In addition, the eruption caused fires and mud slides that cost a number of people their lives. It covered a wide area with volcanic ash too. This was the most intense of eruptions seen in Mt. St. Helens. However, since then, minor eruptions of lesser density have been witnessed.

Now, the volcano and the areas surrounding it together form the Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument which helps biologists observe trends in such a habitat and the reestablishment of natural habitats after the occurence of such a disaster.

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