Where Can I Get Information On Mt Etna?


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Mount Etna is an active volcano located on the east cost of Sicily, Italy. It is the largest volcano in Europe, reaching a height of approximately 3,326m (10,910 ft) above sea level. Etna covers an area of 1190 sq km (460 sq miles), which the base circumference of about 140km. This makes it the largest active volcano in Italy.

This is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Eruptions occur almost continuously. Mount Etna is not regarded as dangerous, although it has been occasionally destructive. The most devastating eruption occurred in March 1669, when an estimated 830,000,000 cubic metres of lava was ejected. This explosion was preceded by almost two months of powerful earthquakes.

Since 1969, another major lava flow occurred in 1928 that caused the whole town of Mascali to be wiped out in two days. Other large explosions took place in 1949, 1971, 1983, 1992 and 2001.

The fertile volcanic soil supports extensive agriculture. Vineyards and orchards spread across the lower slopes of the mountain and the broad Plain of Catania to the south. Due to its history of recent activity and nearby population, Mount Etna has been designated a Decade Volcano by the United Nations.

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