Where Is Hinckley Point?


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The Banks of Somerset County of England contain the area of Hinckley Point. The northeast of Somerset is bordered by the county of Bristol and the county of Gloucestershire, east by Wiltshire, southeast by Dorset and southwest by Devon. The north of Somerset is the Bristol Channel.

The Hinckley point is famous for its two Nuclear Power Stations. The Hinckley Point A and the Hinckley Point B. The Hinckley Point A station is now closed. It was a 19.4 hectare area. It is found on near the estuary of River Parrett. It was ranked among the eleven Magnox nuclear stations. It started in 1957, operated for about thirty five years and terminated all operations in 2000.

The Hinckley Point B station is positioned near Bridgwater. Central Electricity Generating Board set up this power station and it is also affiliated with Nuclear Electric. This applies Advanced Gas-cooled Technology (AGR) and produces 1220 MW of electricity. It started in 1967 and is generating electricity since 1976.

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