Where Is RAF Fylingdales?


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RAF Flyingdales is located in the North York Moors in England. It includes radar panels, operation room, data terminals, and interior base security arrangements inclusive of eighteen steel doors and external base security inclusive of regular teams patrolling the area.

It is a part of the BMEWS that is Ballistic Missile Early Warning System of America. The data gathered at this station is shared between England and the US. It basic function is to provide the governments of these two nations warnings preceding a ballistic missile attack. In addition it also detects and tracks orbiting objects.

RAF Flyingdales has been operating for approximately 40 years. It is not open to the public owing to security issues. Its continuous security ensures that there are no trespassers. It is at the centre of many controversies mainly because of this station's connections with nuclear warfare and this has given rise to protests from those supporting disarmament.
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The spelling is RAF Fylingdales - became fully operational in 1963. I spent 4 happy years there in the MIP section, building 302.

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