Where Does The Simpson Desert Get Its Name From?


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The Simpson Desert lies in Australia and is famous for the large number of sand dunes that are found throughout the length of the desert; the desert covers an area of about 145,000 sq km (56,000 sq miles) extending through central Australia and lying for the most part in the south eastern regions of the Northern Territory state and the northern parts of South Australia.

The desert discovered in 1845 by the famous British explorer Charles Sturt was named as the Simpson Desert in 1939 by Cecil Madigan after Allen Simpson the President of the Royal Geographical Society of South Australia; the desert was first traversed in 1936 by Ted Colson. The desert has a wide diversity of wildlife in spite of the harsh conditions and one can get to see birds like eagles, bustards, finch and crested pigeons, animals like marsupials, dingoes, rabbits, foxes and camels and reptiles like the goanna and python.

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