Is The Extent Of The Sahara Desert Increasing Annually?


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The Sahara Desert the largest desert in the world covering an area of 9,000,000 sq km (3,500,000 sq km) roughly the size of the United States, is situated in Northern Africa. The desert owing to several factors is rapidly extending southwards in to Sub Saharan Africa at the rate of 30 miles per year.

The main factor responsible for the desertification of the Savanna lands lying on the southern border of the Sahara Desert has been increase in the temperature of the region triggered by the global warming phenomenon. Also over grazing of animals has taken its toll on the Savanna region resulting in large scale desertification.

The practice of planting of trees to stop the advance of the desert has not been particularly successful due to the lack of rainfall or irrigational facilities. Deforestation in the Sub Saharan region has resulted in soil erosion which has transformed lush regions into arid desert lands.
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Yes, this is a common phenomena of deserts. The wind carries the sand to the surrounding areas leading to desertification of fertile lands. Deforestation, decrease in rainfall and raise of temperature are responsible for this alarming trend.

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