Does Any Living Thing Exist In The Gibson Desert?


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The Gibson Desert lies in the West Central region in Australia and is known for the several salt lakes that occur in the region; the region ranges from arid to semi arid area with most of it uninhabited with indigenous Australians dwelling in certain parts of the desert.

The Gibson Desert named after the explorer Alfred Gibson who perished while attempting to cross the desert in 1874 lies to the south of the Great Sandy Desert and to the north of the Great Victoria Desert covering an area of 155,000 sq km (60,000 sq miles) with the entire region being referred to as part of the Australian outback. The region receives scanty rainfall (7.8 inches annually) while the annual temperature ranges from about 42 degree C to 16 degree C (about 110 degree F to 60 degree F).

The only plant life that can survive in the desert are desert grass and hardy flowering shrubs like mulgas; the local wildlife like red kangaroos, the emu, the bilby a rabbit like animal and the bush stone curlew can be observed in the Gibson Desert Natural Reserve a popular spot with tourists; sheep and cattle stations can be found on the borders of the desert.

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