How Much Rainfall Does Manaus Have?


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Manaus has an average of 2087 mm or 82.2 inches of rainfall a year. The averages for the months of January, March, May and December are 10.4 inches, 11.7 inches, 8 inches, 82.2 inches respectively. The climate here is warm throughout the year. Manaus also has a wet season that takes place during the summer months.

Manaus is in North Brazil. This city is the capital of the state of Amazonas. It is situated on the banks of the Negro river, close to the place where the Negro meets the Amazon River. It is an important port. It is home to approximately 1,800,000 people. An estimated sixty per cent of Amazonas state population resides in Manaus. Manaus does not observe DST as it is located quite close to the equator.
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Thats cool, do you know what the weather is like during the 2 seasons that Manaus has?

P.s.: Manaus has 2 seasons

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