Does Poland Have A Lot Of Rainfall?


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Most of Poland receives average rainfall, with July being the wettest month. There are sporadic showers all throughout the year but most or two thirds of the rain falls in summer. Precipitation is also on account of snowfall during the winter months of December, January, February and March. Most of Poland receives an average of 583 mm rainfall annually. There are variations all over the country with 800-1500 mm of rainfall in the southern mountains and 450-550 mm in the central areas. The coastal areas of the country receive anywhere between 500-600 mm of rainfall annually.

The monthly rainfall in the capital Warsaw during the twelve months from January to December is 28, 26, 31, 37, 50, 65, 77, 72, 46, 41, 37 and 35 mm respectively.
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Yep!we love our rainy days!

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